Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Never mind the weather outside, you can dream about a tropical vacation and get your summer holiday packing list ready. It’s never too early to catch a tan and some vitamin D! What I love about it is the freedom of packing. Clothes are much lighter, take up less space, you can pack bright colours (who designs all these dull winter clothes anyway?). When temperatures are warmer, ocean breezes saltier and cocktails sweeter, life is good. And to help you a little bit to your hassle-free dream summer trip, here are my tips for your vacation travel list. Plus a free download below.

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Beach Checklist Essentials

It goes without saying that your vacation packing essentials need to be packed in your hand luggage and include important things like travel documents, IDs, money and electronics. Aside from that, a tropical vacation entails beach equipment, such as sandals, flip flops, flats, swimwear and beach towels. If you love hiking and want to pack for outdoor adventures as well, don’t forget light hiking shoes or closed, comfortable sandals. You don’t want to stub your toe!

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Sun Protection

Particularly when you head into sunny climates, sun protection is non-negotiable. This includes 30+ sun lotion (use it regularly!), a hat, sunglasses and lip balm with UV protection. Stock up on after sun lotion to rehydrate skin and do the same with moisturiser for your hair. Put all of this on your beach packing list unless you want to buy these items onsite and probably overpriced at your beach resort.

One highlight for travellers around the Caribbean islands is to explore Antigua's natural beauty

Swimwear to Love

Even if you prefer sunbathing or heading outside with dry sands underneath your feet (I do), you still want to put swimwear on your beach vacation checklist. You never know when you feel the urge to take off your beach vacation clothes and slip into something lighter to dip into the refreshing wet waters on a hot day or see an empty beach. I certainly wished I had worn a bikini when I saw a deserted beach straight out of paradise on Australia’s West coast. It was pretty close to the famous kangaroo beach.

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations


Just because it is hot, you don’t need to skip on jewellery. You might want to hold back on cheap and fake silver and gold coated pieces because you will simply sweat off the colour. (Speaking from experience.) Include light pieces on your travel checklist, maybe think slim metal, cooling rocks and lightweight wooden pieces. Skip feathers and anything that might stick to sweaty skin when writing your vacation checklist.

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Fun in the Sun

Besides clothes, you might have space in your suitcase to bring a few items to increase the fun level, such as with tropical totes, mandala beach towels and pool floats.

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

Grab the Free Download and Pin this Post

If you need to get back to this summer holiday packing list, feel free to pin it or download the printable beach trip packing list. Going to the beach shouldn’t fill you with packing anxiety. Let’s maximise the fun!

Tell me: Where are you going for summer vacation and what are your musts for your vacation list?

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Ultimate Summer Holiday Packing List for Female Tropical Vacations

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  1. Reply

    Good call on the closed-toe shoes as well as flip flops! I’ve been on the beach and my husband sliced his toe open pretty good thanks to a broken conch shell. :(
    After that we wore aqua shoes, but word of caution – they got full of water and sand, and got SUPER uncomfortable fast. I recommend crocs instead (not fashionable I know, but totally functional). The water and sand drains out and they can be easily rinsed off.

    1. Reply

      Hi Heather,
      close toed shoes are so vital for outdoorsy activities and walks. Good idea with the crocs, too!

  2. Reply

    Great list that I’ll have to share with my wife! Can’t wait for summer to start :)

    1. Reply

      Hi William, I hope she’ll love it! Wishing you a great summer ahead. :)

  3. Reply

    Omg those swim wear are so cute!! And I’ve been wanting a pool floaty for awhile. Great suggestions on this list! I’m going to the Philippines soon so I will be saving this :P

    1. Reply

      Hi Viola, I am hapy you agree. I just had to post those as I really liked them myself. And pool floaties seem impractical (and they are) but they are so much fun! You can even have small ones for drinks if you’d rather not lug around a big one.

  4. Reply

    I enjoyed reading your article and looking through many cute and pretty summer accessories. I especially liked the sunglasses, the beach bag with a flamingo, and the Firetti pearl neclace. Your have great ideas and suggestions for the perfect vacation. You inspired me to plan our beach retreat.

    1. Reply

      Hi Natalia, the beach bag is just so cute, isn’t it? A friend just got a pink flamingo tattoo and I am so loving it right now. Give me all the flamingoes! ;)
      Anyway, I wish you lots of fun on your beach retreat!

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