#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America

#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America

Having safely landed on Swedish ground, I feel so much more energized and ready to bring this blog to a new level and supply you with much more inspiration and fun stories to read. And while I am trying to sit still at my new laptop space in my temporary new flat, I catch myself daydreaming away to all the adventures I have been so lucky to experience during my short live as a travel blogger and the many more that are still to come.

And since I am currently not travelling (well I travelled 3 countries in one day on Friday, but let’s not count that), I am giving the stage over to a fellow female kick ass traveller, whose blog P.S. I’m On My Way I admire and hope you can feel inspired by Trisha as well. After all, she shares with you he secret as to how keep travelling safe and sound and with sheer happiness in your soul. Read on to find out.

#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America

What is your best travel memory?

The crazy 2 years traveling South America by land. This is where I first understood the power of the human soul: we are really capable of anything most especially when push comes to shove. I gained a lot of friends and I can now call them as best friends. This thought still amazes me! Within three months, I found myself fluently speaking Spanish and now I can say that I am really fluent in the language! My gastronomic experiences were quite remarkable too. By staying with local families, I was able to understand how a culture sleeps, eats and cooks. The experiences are very fundamental and powerful!

What’s the number one item on your bucket-list?

To travel Africa by land. I’ve been to the northern and western part of Africa but did not have the opportunity to travel it by land. Most borders are militarised (i.e. Morocco and Algeria) so it’s very unsafe and difficult. One day, there will be world peace, wars will stop and when that happens, I will travel Africa FREELY and for an indefinite time!

#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America

If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

I would like to be stranded in Seychelles or Madagascar where I can just live genuinely, experience the wildlife and be able to fend for myself with the available resources around me!

What is your secret travel tip?

You attract the person that you are. A lot of blog readers always ask me about safety and to be honest, I have nothing to say. Nothing bad happened to me while traveling because I wasn’t inviting that negative force. Remember, the more you think about the danger, the more it will come. I have been always kind to people I meet while traveling be it a taxi driver, a vegetable vendor, a bus conductor, a fellow traveler etc. I think that force resonates in me so trouble never came!

#TravelBrainster Trisha: The Warmth of South America

Now go into yourself and honestly think about how you perceive the world and how it reacts? Are you acting like the hero/heroine you are or do your drift around, dreaming of a story that’s all yours? Go out and take it! Remember to stay awesome.

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