#TravelBrainster: Sabine in Wonderland Japan

As you all know, I am currently back in Japan, checking out new places for you and along the way I am meeting lovely people. This way, I met Sabine from Germany and she, like me, fell in love with the weird and wonderful country that is Japan. She now shares her passion for this country and where else she sees herself visiting in the future. Are your bucket list items on her list?

1) What is your best travel memory?

That would be the time I spent in Japan. I am really mesmerized by the country and its culture, needless to mention, its fantastic, delicious food =D I felt as if I were on another planet; there were so many new things for me to discover.

The Ueno Park in Tokyo in particular was my personal oasis with its many picturesque temples and calmed me down effectively on top of being such a sight for sore eyes. In the zoo next door I was able to visit my beloved pandas – so big, fluffy and cute! I had the urge to go in and cuddle them.

My favourite restaurant was the Ichiran and was super close to the train station of Ueno. I loved their ramen and was seriously unable to stop, ordering more and more!

What surprised me in Japan was that the Japanese are not as reclusive and restrained as is often said. I really liked this because I like talking to people. Lol ;)

2) What is the strangest incident you have had during your travels?

Fortunately, there wasn’t anything I would recall as a strange incident so far. The strange moments I personally experienced on tour in a foreign country were mostly caused by miscarried communication/language barrier.

3) What’s the number one item on your bucket list?

To have a world tour. I absolutely have to see Greenland, going ice fishing and ride a dog sledge. Going to Peru and seeing Machu Picchu is another hot item on my bucketlist. But most of all I want to take an epic road trip through the USA, then see the Galapagos islands with their giant turtles and explore the stunning tropical rainforest along the Amazon with its extraordinary flora and fauna. And so much more! I could go on and on as I want to see and feel everything!!! :D

4) If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

It would be Mauritius, pretty sure. It is supposed to be a heaven on earth, with breathtaking ocean view, a true paradise.

5) What is your secret travel tip?

Be open to make new friends on trips, they might make your trips more colorful than you would ever expect. Annemarie, thank you once again for the nice time in Japan. I am so happy that I have met you there.

You too can be featured as a #travelbrainster! Any great stories or travel dreams to share? Drop me a line anytime.

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