Travel Souvenirs Actually Worth Squeezing into Your Suitcase

This post contains affiliate links. I love collecting travel souvenirs but I am very particular about it. Keychains, miniature models or stickers will not be among those. What’s their use anyway? What’s the point of giving that to someone who hasn’t been to the country? I want my travel souvenirs to be much more personal. Once a friend had to cancel our Shakespeare trip to London and I decided to buy her a candy bar that had a Shakespeare quote on it, so she still had a piece of the trip but nothing to remind her of missing out for long. Generally, I love giving food. But here are some more suggestions. (And if you would exceed your luggage limit, you could order them from Amazon.)

Travel Souvenirs Actually Worth Squeezing into Your Suitcase - from New Zealand, Costa RICa, the USA, France and Ireland

French Souvenirs

  • Fashion: Beret, red lip stick, vintage, scarves
  • Kitchenware: French press coffee pot
  • Food: Cheese, macaroons, La Maison du Chocolat
  • Drink: Wine, Tea
  • Books: Shakespeare & Company
  • Decor: candles
  • Art: prints, postcards, art coffee table books

New Zealand Souvenirs

      • Kitchen stuff: towels, oven mittens
      • Jewellery: Jade, paua Shell, silver, shell & leader bracelets
      • Fashion: tattoos, merino wool, print shirts, All Blacks rugby shirt
      • Food: Kiwi jam, sheep droppings
      • Beauty: Manuka honey skincare

US American Souvenirs

      • Food: Hersheys, Reeses, pumpkin spice
      • Sports: Baseball, baseball cap, sports shirts
      • Fashion: Cowboy Boots, stetson, belt buckle
      • Misc: Whiskey flask, zippo lighter
      • Decor: State magnets, bottle openers,

Costa Rican Souvenirs

      • Drink: coffee (green, half roasted, roasted), liquor, rum
      • Deco: original artwork, wooden sculptures, wood candle holders
      • Stationary: banana paper
      • Culture: chonete (farmer’s hat), mini ox cart

Irish Souvenirs

      • Drink: Guinness, whiskey, black tea, marble whiskey stones
      • Deco: Guinness posters, sheep towels
      • Kitchenware: crystal decanter, pottery, tea towels
      • Food: fudge, sea salt
      • Fashion: Herringbone tweed driving hat, leprechaun top hat

Any travel souvenirs you love that I  missed?L et me know in the comments and I can add them.

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