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Currently, Travel on the Brain does not accept guest posts. If you are interested in sponsored postings, please see here.

The best parts of travelling? Sharing stories and experiences, meeting like-minded travel souls and simply creating awesome memories (did you see our – now paused – #TravelBrainster series?). So I am very happy you want to contribute a little to our travel community here on Travel on the Brain. I would love to hear your stories. Any travellers can contribute, you don’t have to be a fellow blogger or global nomad. (Note: this is not a platform for company representatives to sneak in their corporate links.)
happy to see you

Current collaboration post opportunities:

How do you stay fit while travelling solo? (Deadline: 2 July)
How do you eat healthily while travelling solo? (Deadline: 15 July)
How to make eating alone less awkward. (Deadline: 2 August)
How to sleep better when travelling solo. (Deadline: 23 August)
What’s your favourite place to escape to in autumn? (Deadline: 27 August)
How to master the layer look for autumn travels. (Deadline: 3 September)
What’s the worst travel advice you’ve followed? (Deadline: 14 September)
What’s your biggest solo travel worry (+ how did you overcome it)? (Deadline: 24 September)
The minimalist travel wardrobe you need for long-term travel. (Deadline: 4 October)
How to celebrate Halloween when you travel. (Deadline: 15 October)
Women’s Safety when Travelling during Big Festivals. (Deadline: 30 October)

How to Participate

Write up ~100 words to one of the topics including links (website, facebook, twitter) within the respective deadline. Send your proofread contribution to my email. Please not: Links are only allowed to fellow blogs, this is not a free advertising platform. If you are interested in sponsored postings written by me, please see here.

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