• husnaina aflinda
    • 24/11/2016

    Hello Annemarie.
    It’s been a long time. How are you?
    I’m Linda from Indonesia, who met you in Kyoto, Japan.
    I send mail to your mail add “”, but unable to delivered.
    Thank you and sorry for disturbing you

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, so good to hear from you! Sorry your mail didn’t get through, there is a full stop too many in it. Copy and paste this: Looking forward to your mail. :)

    • Maja
    • 18/03/2018

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and Omg! I love the pictures you’ve taken in Bangkok! The colours and the light are amazing!
    I was wandering if you like tell me what camera and lenses do you use? And how do you achieve those colourful pictures?
    Hope to hear from you soon! Xxx

    1. Reply

      Hi Maja, thank you so much for your super nice comment. I did take the Bangkok photos myself. I love capturing colours. I am using a Nikon D5100 and a 18-105mm lens. I also use a polarisation filter and Joby tripod. If you are interested, I compiled a list of travel cameras as well as travel photography tips. (Btw, these are my affiliate links.) Let me know if you have any more questions.

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