The Best Travel Films to Push Your Wanderlust through the Roof

The Best Travel Films to Push Your Wanderlust through the Roof

Do you love travel films as much as I do? Are you sometimes sick of your daily routine and would love to explore a different world, be a different person and just travel the world? But your couch is way too enticing. No problem at all. I can make that happen. I can make anything happen with travel! (Well, I try.) So let me present to you a list of my 10 favourite films to put me in the travel mood and take me to places without having to shift an inch. Don’t forget the snacks! Or if you want an international treat, check out myrecipe section, then nothing will stop you from mind travelling. Don’t we all have travel on the brain?

The Best Travel Films to Push Your Wanderlust through the Roof

Into the Wild

The ultimate travel film about just giving up everything and heading out to follow your heart. If that means embracing nature and shunning shallow society, then this gem will be your gospel. Based on a true story, this story will captivate you by quietly following the steps of its protagonist as he wanders through beautifully photographed pictures, from a rigid and dark cityscape into the wide and vivid wild.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Daydreamers, this one is for you. What good are resolutions and plans if you never cat on them? Just forget all the reasons and excuses and go for it! Just let go. I mean it. If someone as laden with anxiety and self-esteem issues as Mitty can do it, so can you!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Be honest, doesn’t this movie just make you want to visit la Città Eterna? Find some holiday romance and get lost in the old cobblestone streets? You don’t have to be a teenage girl (but it helps) to appreciate the silliness and adorableness that is Lizzie McGuire.


One iconic road trip film right there, one of the best travel films,if you ask me. FIf orget the Manic Pixie girl and make your own crazy itinerary! If that means that you want to see every ridiculous “World’s Biggest…” roadhouse, then you should. Nothing’s stopping you on the endless roads but yourself hitting the brakes. SO let your hair loose and turn up Tom Petty!

The Great Race

An old classic and not too well known/. But it’s got Jack Lemmon in it. In two roles! Plus, it’s about travelling the world and if that’s not a good combination, I on’t know what is. It sure is a silly film and seems quite outdate but still a lot of fun to watch. Just embrace the good old days when there were no apps or iphones to help you out of tricky situations and international transport was an adventure in itself.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

One of my absolute favourites among travel films. I was never bothered to watch it until the time I was stuck in a uni bus and the professor put it on. So worth it! First thing I did back home was to make a purchase on Amazon and play the soundtrack on repeat. Short summary: imagine Homer’s Odyssey in a crazy retelling staged in the deep south of the USA during the 30s with an undeniably charming and insane mastermind protagonist, played by the one and only George Clooney. Need I say more?

Tomb Raider 1 & 2

How about watching a kick ass woman travelling the world to exotic places just to kick some baddies’ asses and rescue the world? I can’t imagine anyone other than Miss Jolie playing it and what a feast it is. I can never get over the rooftop scene in Hong Kong or the African wedding. Makes you want to consult your nearest travel agent. And replay all Tomb Raider games until today.

Indiana Jones 1-4

Yes, let’s not talk about how terrible the fourth film was, but instead focus on how the films are able to so effortlessly include travel and make it look like a huge playground for adventure archaeologists. Who wouldn’t just want to explore the Venetian catacombs and then poke your head out on a sunny piazza just to fly off to Austria shortly after? The dream!


This travel film is not too sunny on the mind but the tropical landscapes and (painfully) tranquil setting is a sight to behold. I don’t know about you but this film both deeply moved me and made me dream about being stranded. In a more convenient manner, though. That’s the beauty of dreams, you can shape them to your liking. Plus, you can make them a reality if you put your mind to it. Just make sure you get travel insurance in case something goes wrong (yes, I know, natural disasters are excluded).^^

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Narrated through perfect cinematography in warm orange tones, this film perfectly sums up the essence of travel. It does not matter where you come from or what your background/age/etc is, travel will change your perspective about others and yourself, thus opening up a whole new other world for you. You just need to swallow your pride and take it!

More Travel Videos

If you don’t have that much time to watch a full feature length travel film, why not check out my own youtube channel. There are videos on my trips through Australia, Japan or the US, to name just a few. Let me know which country you would like to see a video on.

There are so many more amazing travel films out there that didn’t make my list today but are not less amazing. What is your favourite travel related film of all time?

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