How to Master Youtube Like a Boss

Being a Youtuber comes its own kind of celebrity status. But how do you become internet famous with videos clicked by millions? How do you run youtube like a boss? You could be happy and post a silly home video that goes viral, you could try to jump on the train of commenting gamers or you could develop your own brand. Here’s how to master youtube.

How to Master Youtube Like a Boss


You probably know to choose a prominent profile and header picture in line with your brand, but did you know you should also upload a customised image for every video you upload, including a text overlay? This makes your gallery much more intriguing, unique and visually attractive. And it shows you run youtube like a boss. If you want, you can also watermark each video in the corner with 60% opacity to make you logo stick in people’s heads.


There is no fun in watching a staged video with stiff content or to see someone trying to be someone else. Always make your own voice shine through and be yourself. Remember the famous quote by Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


Nothing new but if you want to be recognised as a person that owns their channel on youtube like a boss, you need to have a clear strategy. Decide on a regular schedule, choose a video style that suits you and be repetitive in your characteristics. Maybe you have a certain intro (about 5 seconds), clever catch phrases or your cut is prominent. Know your format and stick to it! One hint: mention your brand name right at the start!


If you want to provide content that is diverse, you don’t have to create several channels. How would you be able to connect the traffic and make it easy for your viewers to make the connection? You could tell them or you could create different playlists. It is easier to sort through your content, and it will look much more thought out and impressive in its volume.


Be social and interact with your audience, follow other users but also link to your other social platforms. In the same way, link from other platforms and your webpage to youtube. Connect everything and span a web on the web. Also, consider posting your videos in relevant forms and online groups.You need to show that you are a master on youtube.

How to Master Youtube Like a Boss


You know those times you start typing in something and it auto fills it? You can make that happen through many different factors. However, these are mostly out of your actual control and youtube doesn’t reveal exactly how they are weighted. But naturally, the more views, likes, favourites, comments, responses, and embedded views you have, the higher your ranking.

Pop Culture

Music videos and references to pop culture have a higher chance of getting you noticed since these are more likely to be searched. But to master youtube like a boss, it needs to stay relevant to your brand. Don’t force it, stay authentic.


You can add overlay texts within youtube but more effective than that is directly asking people to share, subscribe and comment within the video (better yet: tell them ‘face to face’). So make sure you include an outro containing these calls-to-action. You can use your profile logo as a call to action set highlights or info boxes.


On youtube you can use hashtags as well and you need those to be found in the first place. But make sure they are descriptive and not too broad, or you might get lost among the many other, already popular ones. Type in hashtags into the search field and see what comes up to get inspiration.


Don’t use clips or music from other sources unless you have the permission to do so. And no, it is not ok to post even a small snippet of your favourite song or even remix it. There are websites out there with free content, youtube has its own library and you can also google for royalty free music with a commercial licence. If you are working as a brand, always check if commercial use is allowed.

How to Master Youtube Like a Boss


Do you love moving images? Gifs are a great way to trigger interest, especially with a younger target group. So if you do not want an embedded video or screenshot as a teaser, why not consider creating a gif image of your video? Just add ‘gif’ to your video URL after the ‘wwww.’ and you can create a simple gif. You can also use to create gifs from your own videos as well as other videos (again, watch those rights!).


If you have a lot of subscribers and want to make some money through advertising on youtube like a boss, enabling the monetisation mode might be a good source of extra money. But if you are at the start of mastering your youtube and need to build an audience, do not put them off by making them wait through an annoying ad. They don’t know yet whether you are worth it and will move on.


Most important of all, your content should look good. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is super HD with pro cutting techniques and fancy scene changes. But you should look for a great presentation, passion and a good camera to record from.


To keep up with your stats and developments, regularly check the analytics section and see what is popular to detect trends and adapt your concepts and delivery. To master youtube, you have to keep track of how you’re doing. Also think of asking your subscribers and viewers for feedback.


Being on youtube, you naturally want to follow other channels as well. Bear in mind that everyone can see whom you are following and how it reflects on you. So choose channels that are in line with your brand and message and work well together. Keep the silly accounts for your personal profile.

Check out the free resources

Did you know that youtube has its own ‘academy‘ to help you quickly master youtube like a boss? This as well as other handy tutorials on youtube and blogs will help you find and specialise in your own niche and with your unique voice. But do not forget after cramming all the theories in running youtube like a boss into your head: practice makes perfect.

Becoming a video sensation and mastering youtube takes a lot of dedication, skills and that certain flavour but with dedication, a plan and engagement with other users, you will be a step closer to running youtube like a boss.

Have you already set up your own youtube channel?


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