Your Downloadable Winter Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

Your Downloadable Snow Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

What is it with me always choosing travelling times when destinations generally give you the cold shoulder? I went to study in England when the leaves started falling. I biked through the snow to get to work in Sweden. And I visited New Zealand and Australia in winter and left when the heat wave was approaching to see Japan’s snow monkeys. I swear it is not intentional (except for the snow monkeys, that was certainly planned). But it does give me some expertise in winter vacation packing, so I’ll share it with you.

Your Downloadable Winter Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

But since me and the cold seem to have a love hate relationship, I have pretty good practice now with packing for colder temperatures. And trust me, it isn’t the easiest when you just want to wrap in warm sweaters and woolly hats. I still remember looking like an oversized cross between a marshmallow and the Michelin man on my winter vacation in Lapland. So here are my tips from one snow obsessed bunny to you!

The Packing Approach

If you haven’t mastered the art of winter vacation packing yet, you have to do it now. I wouldn’t want to drag a giant suitcase through the snow just so I could carry another jumper along. How about you? Instead, make use of the space available. The less you pack, the more your back will appreciate it. So how to do it?

First, you need to make a list and lay out all the items you absolutely need. When you see them all at once you are much less tempted to sneak in additional items. Put all the essentials to one side because they will go in your hand luggage. This includes important documents, passport, medicine, electronics, cables and chargers and a change of clothes (to be on the safe side). And don’t even think about taking jeans with you! You’ll feel much colder and wetter with them. And don’t forget to use water proof spray on your boots before you leave.

Note: If you are planning on taking your electronics with you, make sure they stay out of the cold as much as possible as it will affect battery life and might even cause possible damage. In case you want to take photos outside – especially in temperatures below freezing point – take extra batteries with you and keep them close to your body so they stay warm and dobn’t lose their power as quickly. ALso, to stay connected all the time, I am currently trying out my sponsored skyroam portable hot spot and love it as it works worldwide.

Your Downloadable Winter Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

The Packing Lists

Packing for any trip, you need to have your essentials with you and that in your hand luggage in case your suitcase is delayed or lost. Apart from that you need to pack several layers to adjust depending on what activities you are planning to do that day.

Going for long walks or doing snow sports during your winter vacation, you definitely need thermal underwear and accessories to wrap yourself up tight. This includes beanie, scarf and gloves. Maybe even ear muffs, a hand warmer and a deep heat soak for your warm bubble bath later that day. Opt for jackets that have zippers to avoid having to carry extra bags.

Check in advance if your accommodation has a hair dryer. You shouldn’t head outside until your hair is completely dry. If your boots do not sit tight around your legs, then pack extra boot warmers, but opt for snow boots anyway.

Where to Go

There are amazing ski resorts all over the world. Even Australia has a few in the South East. But if you’re keen on just exploring wonderful snow covered landscapes, you can get them in many more places all over the planet. My favourite ever has been in Lapland because it has it all: nature, culture, cute animals, Northern Lights and Santa Claus.


If you need to stock up your winter wardrobe, I have scoured the web for a few cute and practical items. These are affiliate links which do not cost you anything but might mean a small commission for me. This goes back in maintaining this blog.

Do You Need Any More Packing Lists?

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