Ultimate Women’s Tropical Vacation Packing List for Your Next Summer Trip

This post contains affiliate links. Never mind the weather outside, you can dream about a tropical vacation. What I love about it is the freedom of packing. Clothes are much lighter, take up less space, you can pack bright colours (who designs all these dull winter clothes anyway?). When temperatures are warmer, ocean breezes saltier and cocktails sweeter, life is good. And to help you a little bit to your hassle-free dream summer trip, here are my packing tips. Plus a free download below. Please deactivate your Adblocker as this post contains affiliate links to hand-picked product suggestions for your tropical vacation. Don’t forget the free packing list below.

Ultimate Women's Tropical Vacation Packing List for Your Next Summer Trip. Click to get the freebie!


It goes without saying that your travel essentials need to be packed in your hand luggage and include important things like travel documents, IDs, money and electronics. Aside from that, a tropical vacation entails to be equipped with sandals and flip flops, swimwear and towel. I recommend at least two towels – one for taking to the beach and one for showering, preferably a lighter sport towel for that purpose. If love hiking and want to pack for outdoor adventures as well, don’t forget light hiking shoes or closed sandals. You don’t want to stub your toe!

Sun Protection

Particularly when you head into sunny climates, sun protection is non-negotiable. This includes 30+ sun lotion (use it regularly!), a hat, sunglasses and lip balm with UV protection.Stock up on after sun lotion to rehydrate skin and do the same with moisturiser for your hair.

One highlight for travellers around the Caribbean islands is to explore Antigua's natural beauty

Swimwear to Love

Even if you prefer sunbathing or heading outside with dry sands underneath your feet (I do), you still want to pack swimwear. You never know when youfeel the urge to take a dip into the refreshing wet waters on a hot day or see an empty beach. I certainly wished I had worn a bikini when I saw a deserted beach straight out of paradise on Australia’s West coast. It was pretty close to the famous kangaroo beach.


Just because it is hot, you don’t need to skip on jewellery. Choose light ones, maybe think metal, cooling rocks and skip feathers and anything that might stick to sweaty skin.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

Fun in the Sun

Besides clothes, you might have space in your suitcase to bring a few items to increase the fun level, such as colourful towels and pool floats.

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Ultimate Women's Tropical Vacation Packing List for Your Next Summer Trip. Click to get the freebie!get free travel guides, packing lists and wallpapers

Tropical Vacation Inspiration

In case you needed more inspiration of where to go and what places are out there, listen up. I have seen plenty of beaches and islands around the world and here are my favourite destinations so far.

Tell me: Where are you planning on going to catch a summer vacation? Or do you still need inspiration?

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