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And our #travelbrainster series continues with out latest contribution from Finland. Lovely Miia takes us across the ocean to Canada and back to Hamburg. Haven’t seen a German city being featured in this series so far, so that is super refreshing. But that is not it! You are always welcome to share your travel stories and dreams here but today the spotlight is all Miia’s from Worldliciouz!

1) What is your best travel memory?

There’s way too many memories to pick just one! Maybe when I was a kid and we traveled to Canada with my sister’s ringette team, and I got to know so many amazing people. It was no ordinary holiday, but what made it one of the best travel memories for me was the people, who still to this date, remain in my heart, even though I was only 7 or 8 years old.

But more recent memories… I loved the feeling when I stepped out of the plane in Hamburg, Germany when I was 16 (or was it still 15), for the first time without any adults. It was a weekend getaway with a friend of mine, to go see a band we both loved. The feeling of freedom tickled in my tummy, I felt so young and alive, but still so small in the big city with no safety net this time. That was the first time I really felt the freedom traveling gives me these days.

Also, when I saw the main waterfall of Krka National Park in Croatia, or the numerous, more than beautiful, waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, (also in Croatia) I felt pure amazement. I still can’t really wrap my head around the fact of how incredible world we live in.

And if I may, one more. Well, kinda two. I have two tattoos, both taken abroad. I will never ever forget the feeling of getting the first tattoo in Cyprus, to represent that overcoming my fears is possible. I was terrified, I can’t stand even the littlest pain, so taking a tattoo was a huge thing. I had wanted one for somewhat 7 years, but never could overcome the fear of the pain. But I finally did it, and it’s a trip I will never forget.

My second tattoo is a vector airplane, which I took just few weeks ago on our trip to Croatia. I wanted to carry this airplane with me always, to remind me to go after my dreams, even when it gets rough, that I am free to go, to fly. Another permanent souvenir, which makes sure I’ll never forget my first visit to Split, or the feeling of history when visiting the Diocletian’s Palace. The tattoo studio took place just next to the Palace and the view to the Riva promenade was incredible from the third floor window.

So, quite a few best travel memories, eh. It’s hard to put these life long memories in a line from worst to best, as there is no bad memories.

2) What is the strangest incident you have had during your travels?

I guess I’ve been really (un)lucky, as there’s been not that strange incidents during my travels.
This might sound a little tame, but the one that comes to mind is from our trip to Canada I mentioned above. I was a small kid back then. I got to know a whole bunch of amazing people and when we were at the airport to go back home, these people where all there to say goodbye. I had fallen in love with these mittens this one girl had. They had these cute little ears and eyes, they were just super cute, never seen anything quite like them.
When she heard that I’d love to have mittens just like that, she took hers off and gave them to me at the airport. The girl was 5 years older than me. My jaw pretty much dropped. I never expected to get ones like them, but I actually got them, the very ones I had fallen in love with.

3) What’s the number one item on your bucket list?

The number one item on my bucket list used to be the Plitvice Lakes, but as I got to cross it over thanks to our latest trip to Croatia, I think that now, my number one item is Petra in Jordan. I love history and if nothing else, Petra has history. Luckily I should be able to actually experience Petra this year, later in the fall, when I’m traveling to Israel. When you’re in Israel, Petra is a must (even though you have to cross borders).

4) If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

Ok… I think quite many opt out for the paradise islands, don’t they. I’d want to say one of the islands of Seychelles or maybe Fiji islands, or maybe Mauritius… Or the island of Hvar in Croatia! Or maybe Manhattan…

5) What is your secret travel tip?

My secret travel tip… Is not really a secret at all. Just go where your heart wants to go and follow your dreams, but use common sense. If you don’t go, you’ll never know and Where there’s a will, there’s a way – these two are the phrases I rely on during my travels.

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