#TravelBrainster Catherine – Of Apes and Islands

Did you know that I am not only a magnet for chaos and crazy people but also for apes? And guess what, I have finally found someone who has their own ape episode to tell. Meet our today’s #travelbrainster Catherine and let her take you on an apey journey to Gibraltar. That is, before she let’s us in on her very special Caribbean dream island that is not really known by tourists and can even be considered exclusive.

1. What is the strangest incident you have had during your travels?

Incidents involving wildlife are always something. There was the time when I was in Gibraltar that a barbary ape jumped on my head! I was at the top of the rock, near Europa Point, and I was photographing the scenery, looking over towards Africa. I guess I must have been very concentrated; I didn’t notice an ape slowly approaching me until it jumped on my head from behind, and stayed there for what seemed like way too long. My boyfriend just froze and stared at us in utter surprise, not knowing what to do (the apes are aggressive if provoked). His look was priceless! The ape finally went on its way and we still laugh to tears on that particular episode. 

What’s the number one item on your bucket list?

This question isn’t fair at all! I believe that every traveler has an ever-changing bucket list, one that’s many pages long! What is certain though is that I want to explore more of the Middle East, visit the islands of the Indian Ocean and set foot on all continents. In between all that, I tend to become obsessed over destinations until I can finally explore them. I also love to revisit places I’ve already been.

If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

I’m head over heels in love with the Caribbean, so I’d have to choose an island from this region, although I’m pretty much island-obsessed and wish I could visit them ALL! If I have to name just one, I’ll go with the magnificent island of Saint-Barthélémy, commonly known as St. Barts, in the Lesser Antilles. This island really is something else. Its scenery is breathtaking and its beaches, gorgeous. The island is quite small, so unlike bigger and better known Caribbean islands, there aren’t any big resorts hence no big crowds either. The atmosphere is peaceful, yet some might find it a bit too exclusive (only small propeller planes fly there). Other than the Victoria’s Secret models shooting a new bikini line, you’ll meet rich (as well as very rich or even extremely rich) folks with palace-like yachts in the Gustavia marina, and see-and-be-seen beautiful people lazily walking around town. I prefer to head further away to my favorite beach, Anse Saline. No facilities, no glitz and glamour. Just an undisturbed bay with divine water, perfect for an afternoon of swimming in peace on one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.

For more dreamy getaways and travel stories from Catherine, make sure you check her out on her blog and social media:

Blog: The Go Fever

And with that you can find me sipping my coconut water from a can and dreaming of the real thing on a pristine white beach in the summer heat. Where would you like to be right now?

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