#TravelBrainster Kathrin – The Best City Ever and Why the Light Sleeping Bag is never a Good Option

Our week’s #TravelBrainster has gone all out in introducing us to her world of travel. She actually answered all five questions! A big applause to her. Kathrin from Germany shares her special travel tips on travel in general and lovely European places in particular. Have you ever put much consideration into a proper sleeping bag? Kathrin has and shares her insights. If you want to be part of #TravelBrainster, just drop me a message on any of my channels or my mail (see right buttons).

What is your best travel memory?

That’s quite a hard decision because each trip has its own special memory. For instance, Bratislava’s atmosphere of this young city with the lovely people, the delicious food and the relaxing tour on the river Danube. Or Trogir (Croatia), where we stayed in this cosy hotel with the friendliest hosts I have ever met. They treated us very obligingly and gave us a big apartment for the same price of the normal room we had booked, because they made a mistake.

What is the strangest incident you have had during your travels?

Luckily, I never had lots of strange incidents. If “strangest incident “can be equal with “worst travel” then I remember two travel experiences. The first was a trip to a small town in Czech Republic for a sports event. It was in March and we had a communication problem with our hosts and so we expected a nice housing. We brought our light sleeping bags instead of the warm ones and froze the whole night without being able to sleep. So, just as a reminder to everyone, always take the warm sleeping bag. If it’s too hot you can open it up anyway.
The second one happened in Southern France. The hotel rooms were quite shabby but super expensive. And one hotel host totally understood what we told her in English but refused to answer in English nonetheless. Fortunately, my boyfriend understood a bit of French. I would have been completely lost otherwise.

What’s the number one item on your packing list?

There are two items which compete for place number one. On the one hand, my first aid kit – with all the medicine and plasters you need. Just in case – cause you never know. ;) On the other hand, my tablet PC – it’s small enough to fit in every bag, but provides access to free wlan or offline maps of the cities I travel in case of need.

If you were stranded on an island, which one should it be?

New Zealand. I always wanted to make a trip to this country so I wouldn’t be too sad if I were stranded there. ;-)

What is your secret travel tip?

In general, I guess it’s always good to find a mix of good preparation and spontaneity. So every trip will be fun. In particular, visit Bratislava! It’s a great city and if you dive into the lifestyle of this city you can’t get enough of it. (Especially after you have had one of the handmade apple strudels in one of the restaurants of the historical center.)

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