#TravelBrainster – Gorge Hikes and Beach Strolls

In an hour of clarity I realised that I have been missing the voice of you lovely readers. That is totally unacceptable because I am honestly interested in hearing your travel stories as well. After all, this is a mutual thing and I am convinced that travel at the same time shows you how big the world really is and makes it smaller, bringing people together and sharing experiences. So I’ve introduced the #TravelBrainster of the week! This is your time to shine!

Our very first #TravelBrainster didn’t wait long and wanted to share her story and has some special insights that might come in handy if you’re still undecided where to go for your summer holidays. So give a big virtual hug and cheery welcome to Jana from Germany. Internet friends meet Jana, Jana meet internet friends.

Q1: What is high on your bucketlist?

I always wanted to go to Japan. The people and culture are so different and that would be the perfect new experience to me. Something completely novel. I look forward to watching Travel on the Brain’s adventures there.

Q2: What is your favourite travel memory?

This is such a touch question. There are way too many beautiful memories that have been capturing my imagination ever since. Every place has its own kind of magic to me. In the end, I believe, it comes down to what you make out of it.

One way is to just go to a canyon, for instance, and have a quick look. Another is to actually go down and hike through it. Those are two completely different experiences. It’s how you choose to travel.

Q3: Do you have a travel secret?

My all time favourite, not-so-much secret is Teneriffe. It’s perfect for if you don’t want to travel so far [editor’s note: Jana is from Europe] but seek beautiful weather and all that for a reasonable price. All you have to do is schedule in a week and rent a car.

Hiking must be done through the Masca gorge (skip the tour guide). Hail a cab (and
preferably share it with awesome people) and drive from Los Gigantes to Masca. Explore the village there (and try the epic cactus juice) and walk down to the ocean. This takes about 4 hours.

My special tip is to wear a bikini underneath so that you are ready to refresh yourself after the long hike and jump into the cool, fresh waves. After all this, you can either walk back up or have a boat take you back to the mainland for only 10€ to Los Gigantes. Boats go every hour or so and you can book directly on the beach.

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