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Where to Go when You Visit Mount Fuji

I am not very partial to tourists, travellers will always get my vote. However, after having nearly travelled for a year (yay!) and being exhausted, I decided to just go ahead with buying that good value bus ticket for the Mount Fuji region and make the most of it. This meant, riding the bus absolutely […]


Discovering The Past in Today’s Food in Sicily

It’s story telling time! Whenever I am on the road, travelling to foreign places, gaining new cultural experiences and tasting different dishes, I also like to pick up some anecdotes and random facts here and there. So, today I will rack my brains remembering knowledge snippets from my trip to Sicily – and most gladly […]


10 Crazy Things I Never Thought I’d Do

This has been a crazy year for me with many highs and lows and no in-betweens. Always full force, never slowing down and never doing things in halves. Add to that my uberklutzness and dorkiness and you got a pretty good idea how exciting it has been for everyone – you included since I could […]