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10 Crazy Things I Never Thought I’d Do

This has been a crazy year for me with many highs and lows and no in-betweens. Always full force, never slowing down and never doing things in halves. Add to that my uberklutzness and dorkiness and you got a pretty good idea how exciting it has been for everyone – you included since I could […]


Kangaroo Island Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. This post was sponsored. “Kangaroo Island is like Australia in a nutshell.” I am not quite sure I can agree with that since the third largest island of the country has so many unique features and should be viewed as its own entitiy. Also, the comment has an underlying tone of […]


Get Your Surf Vibe On at Surfers Festival Byron Bay

All these lovely people selling all these lovely things at the Surfers Festival Byron Bay. Centered around the surfing culture, everyone and everything had a connection to the ocean in one way or another. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and approached a couple of vendors in hopes of getting closer to this surfer mentality and […]