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I Couldn’t Believe A Sunset in Croatia Looked Like This

I Couldn’t Believe Sunset in Croatia Looked Like This

I had no big expectations for a sunset in Croatia. Not that I didn’t think they weren’t great, but I had totally forgotten to think about them. The sun sets in the West and that’s where the Adriatic Coast was. It’s a no brainer but sometimes I can be quite forgetful. But aren’t great surprises […]


The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka

The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka (my kind of foodie welcome and the best sunset viewing platform)

I had prepared a screenshot of my map that would lead me from the central bus stop at the Umeda building to the central station. Upon taking a second look, it seemed amazingly far away and with my backpack that magically seemed to gain weight (but I had just sent away 2 kg!), I decided […]


Where the Sand Turns to Towers with Aussie Wanderer // Sponsored

Not long after having arrived in Perth did I already start packing my bags again for a trip thanks toAussie Wanderer and I packed everything that wasn’t even remotely suited for 40°C weather pushed way down in my backpacker. I was going up North and the thermometer would rise with each stop. But so did […]


6 Must Dos in Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is not the biggest of towns and you will be hard pressed to get lost since everything you might need is situated along the one long main street. Eating establishments, shops, tour information and hostels are conveniently lined up. Straying from the street just means reaching hotel complexes or the laguna and beach. […]