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Highlights from Two Years of Solo Travels around the World (+ 20 Ultimate Bucketlist Ideas)

Grand Canyon in all its glory

Gosh, has it been that long?! Time flies when you’re having fun. My solo travels around the world weren’t all roses (well, maybe if you count a lot of thorns) but I don’t regret a thing. From persuaded to crazy things, such as licking a spicy ant’s butt or feeding giant tuna that snatch my […]


How to See the Most of the Caribbean Islands

One highlight for travellers around the Caribbean islands is to explore Antigua's natural beauty

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and my eyes were illuminated by the bright light of the screen. Or was their shine due to my excitement over booking a string of flights to discover countries I hadn’t been to before? Then, suddenly the clouds burst and my mood fell. I wouldn’t be able to make […]


Diving Deep and Climbing High from Perth to Exmouth with Aussie Wanderer // Sponsored

Slowly approaching the shore with their fins poking out of the water, I could hear the treacherous two notes of Jaws in my head. But before the thought could progress any further they were next to my legs and the mouth was opening wide. It was a bunch of them.