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Lost among Temples and Trees – How to Make the Most of Visiting Nikko

UNESCO World Heritage Site – that says it all, right? So come on over here and visit the age old shrines and temple, take a picture of the famous three monkeys and be able to say you have seen 9 National Treasures of Japan and 94 Important Cultural Properties all in one place. That sounds […]


The Day I Carried a God and Became the Master of Fish

I never knew I would ever do this in my life. Another thing to tick off my imaginary bucketlist, right after I add it to ceremoniously strike it through. Carrying a god isn’t something you do every day. Especially a god that is not of your religion.


Adventures in Historic Kyoto You Cannot Miss (Even if You’re in a Hurry)

Historic Kyoto for the ones in a hurry - a quick guide

When I left Kyoto for the first time, I was not too thrilled by the city. I had expected more. Sure, that could be due to the fact that I had skipped on research and relied on the tourist information, which in Japan are not the greatest. When I wen to the counter and declared […]