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Your Ultimate Guide to Travelling Alone

Have you been travelling alone or is it on your list? Do you have worries or doubts whether it’s the right kind of travel for you? Do you have no one to travel with you and are not happy at the thought of travelling alone? (Just a little heads up, this is a very comprehensive […]


Insanely Cool Stays for Your Rhur Area Getaway in Germany | Sponsored

Insanely Cool Stays for Your Rhur Area Getaway in Germany

When you think of visiting Germany, which cool places come to mind first? Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich? Maybe Hamburg and Bremen. Be honest, did you even think of the Ruhr area? You know, the former industrial center of Germany? Where the mining industry reigned, where factories lined the streets and worker houses sprung up, creating […]


Travelling the USA by Bus – A Daring Adventure of 10 Cities in 30 Days // Sponsored

Do you know what I cannot stand about travel in the USA? The public transport. Or the lack thereof. Backpacking New Zealand wasn’t a prime example either but at least it wasn’t so big. What is a solo traveller to do when leaving the driving licence at home but having driving experience that amounts to […]


The Quirkiest Attractions Along Stuart Highway

It’s Foto Friday again and this time around I want to show you some pretty quirky places in the Northern Territory. The drive up the super straight Stuart Highway might be a tad boring. You know, same old landscape, unchanging scenery, all of that. But you need to stop every now and then for rest, […]