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Retracing the Steps of Alexander Hamilton in Philadelphia and Baltimore | Sponsored

I’m late to the party. You know, the one where people spontaneously burst into song, say lines like “I wanna be in the room where it happens” and snap their fingers, saying “work!” with sass. I’m talking about Hamilton the musical.


The Ultimate Cheesesteak Tasting Tour with Philly on Segway

What exactly is a cheesesteak? It sounds like there would be a whole lot of processed cheese on a big fat steak. Someone else said it sounded like fried cheese. It is neither, my friends. What it is is a sandwich filled with slices of beef, topped with onions and your choice of cheese, which […]


Discovery Philadelphia’s Spooky Side on a Budget // Sponsored

This post was sponsored and contains affiliate links. The windows behind me were creaking. It was windstill outside. The restaurant was about to close and no one was in sight. I was practically alone. All I wanted was to eat a traditional corn chowder such as Washington ate during his lifetime. But not just anywhere, […]