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Why I Hated Visiting Krka National Park in May

Why I Hated Visiting Krka National Park and Its Waterfalls

So far I had spotted only two ducks, but that didn’t stop me from ducktailing all the way through the famous Krka National Park in Croatia. It wasn’t like I had a choice either. The park was packed. I didn’t know I had signed up for group tours but that was what I was stuck […]


Road Trip Day 15 – Lovely Litchfield National Park

I feel like Rerun from the Peanuts. You know the dirty one with the flies buzzing around him all the time. Even when they try to wash him, he instantly returns to his old state. That’s how I feel. Even after coming out of the shower or swimming pools do I feel dirty. It is […]


Road Trip Day 2 – Stumbling along the Grampians

Getting up with the dawn and onto the lawn we encountered a big family of furry jumpers. It had kangaroos of many sizes, ranging from a joey in a pouch over small ones and up to the huge male leader. Tiptoeing closer we could actually stand up to one metre in front of them before […]


Of Burned Trees and Waterfalls

Melbourne might be a huge city, spanning miles around it, but there is so around it to discover if you want to see Australian nature. Wide meadows, forests and even valleys with waterfalls. To two such falls near the small town Kinglake I went and I saw beyond its nature into the destructive nature of […]