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These Are the Must Sees for Any Japan 3 Week Itinerary

Visiting Japan for only a few days might leave you feeling like you haven’t seen nearly enough. There is so much to discover, so much food to try and so many places that will leave you in awe – Japan really has this overwhelming effect like no other country I have visited before. Therefore, I […]


What You Should Know about Shopping in Japan and Korea

Shopping is a pretty straightforward thing. You go into a shop, look at things, possiby try on if you like and then choose to buy or not to buy. But each country has their own little twist on things, whether bartering is a national sport in some countries, such as Turkey or Morocco, and in […]


These Famous Japanese Castles You Mustn’t Miss | Sponsored

Castles strewn all over Europe have always captured my interest and it was just a natural extension for me to immediately hunt down famous Japanese castles the first chance I got to. Australia and New Zealand didn’t have any to show for (no, I’m not counting you, Dunedin). Matsumoto was the first on my list […]