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These Are the Must Sees for Any Japan 3 Week Itinerary

Visiting Japan for only a few days might leave you feeling like you haven’t seen nearly enough. There is so much to discover, so much food to try and so many places that will leave you in awe – Japan really has this overwhelming effect like no other country I have visited before. Therefore, I […]


How to Get Close to the Snow Monkeys in Japan

How to Get Close to the Snow Monkeys in Japan 0

There were three major reasons for me to travel all over Japan for two weeks: the famous cherry blossom season, the anime/manga scene and, of course, the cute snow monkeys in Japan. It turned out, that getting to the Nagano Monkey Park wasn’t hard at all when you start from Tokyo, maybe not a day […]


Where Food Heaven is Just around the Corner

I have never had Japanese food in my life. Unless, of course, you count that one time I had vegetarian sushi in a Chinese restaurant in Sweden where I had to use chopsticks and became the centre of general amusement. And now I am in Japan. Being a self proclaimed foodie and getting giddy at […]