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The Best Shows on Broadway? Phantom of the Opera and STOMP in NYC // Sponsored

Updated Nov 2017. The wonderful sparkle of the night, excitement in the air and tickets waving back and forth in your hands – welcome to the Great White Way, better known as Broadway! It’s a little world of its own that manages to tell stories and capture audiences through up-close performances and dazzling glamour, whisking […]


What Are Your Favourite Summer Tunes?

How is it that the perfect summer feeling doesn’t set it when I see palm trees, hear the ocean or sip on a colourful cocktail? For me, I need the right bubbly tunes to go with the whole picture (or sometimes just with the pictures in my head) and I am all set. Let’s just […]


How to Get Into the German Christmas Mood – 5 Steps

Christmas isn’t the same all over the world, there are different traditions and customs. So what’s German Christmas like and how do Germans get into the Christmas Mood? Here are the top five ways to celebrate the holiday the German way.