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Gran Canaria Holiday away from the Crowds – The Non-Touristy Guide! | Sponsored

Gran Canaria Holiday away from the Crowds – The Non-Touristy Guide!

When TUI invited me on their all-expenses paid for press trip to experience a short Gran Canaria holiday, I was super excited; I would finally see Gran Canaria, meet fellow bloggers and journalists and experience all that TUI has to offer for sunny getaway seekers. But then I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. […]


Where to Go when You Visit Mount Fuji

I am not very partial to tourists, travellers will always get my vote. However, after having nearly travelled for a year (yay!) and being exhausted, I decided to just go ahead with buying that good value bus ticket for the Mount Fuji region and make the most of it. This meant, riding the bus absolutely […]


Quick Barcelona Travel Guide

I can still hear the voices of the busy streets filled with cars slowly making their way through jam-packed traffic past chatting neighbours standing next to excited tourists, trying to drown out the yells of the hawkers. Kids chasing each other across the cobblestones and swirling around painted street artist mimicking statues. All of that, […]


Up in the Clouds with Jumptours

This post was sponsored. It was nice to sleep in for a change. Look how far I’ve come when I, a die hard long sleeper, think it is sleeping in to awake at 8 am. Formerly that would have been correct at 10am. But there you go. Travel changes everything.