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A Splash of Colour – The Prettiest Houses You Didn’t Know about

Mexico with its houses in all colours of the rainbow, Italy’s Portofino with layered houses colour upon colour and Greece with its typical white and blue paint – all these places are well known and attract myriads of tourists throughout the year. But if you are seeking to escape the sun, chill by the beach […]


Melbourne’s Highlights for the Uninitiated

I have been asked a lot where I live. For a while I put up station in the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne in Australia. I lived here on and off, somehow the city always seemed to pull me back with its amazing foodie hot spots and constant events. There certainly is no reason to […]


The Mornington Peninsula with Its Strawberries and Enchanted Mazes

This post was sponsored. Where the grass is greener in Australia that’s where I went on my sponsored trip with Bunyip Tours. The Mornington Peninsula is just an hour’s drive away off the city of Melbourne and a whole different place it is. Away from the hustle and bustle of the grey city, surrounded by […]