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How to Get Germany Bus Tickets Cheap and Easy

You Gotta Know this before Travelling by Bus in Germany

I was caught in a circus show, where the bus driver was the director, whipping the audience into place, making them jump through hoops in order to be seated on a tiny pedestal. The hoops were the baggage regulations and the mood was rather sour. Germans can be quite strict and that includes bus travel […]


How to Secure Luggage – And When it Backfires [Travelmas #5]

How to Secure Luggage – And When it Backfires

I closed the lock with gusto to secure my luggage. That was done. All my valuables were safely stored and neatly packed into one locker. They usually never fit, which is why I keep my day bag on me. That is why it also has the key. Oh sh**. I forgot about the key… It […]


The time I got robbed in a hostel & how to be smarter

The time I got robbed in a hostel and ended up in court

This wasn’t the first time I got robbed in a hostel. But hopefully it will be the last. At first I thought someone had played a cruel prank on me. All my stuff was gone. Got no time to read? Tweet it for later, pin it or watch the short video below.


How to Get Through the Airport when You’re Late

How to get through airports

It was 30 minutes to my flight departure and it took me 2 hours to finally receive my boarding ticket, after having all documents and printouts I had on me scanned and assessed by the slowest airline staff in the universe, and now the luggage guy who sat right next to the whole scenario of […]