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How to (Not) Visit the Hvar Lavender Fields – A Guide

How (Not) to See Hvar's Lavender Fields - A Guide

Are the Hvar lavender fields in Croatia high on your list as well? I couldn’t wait to see the famous lavender fields so I DIY planned a trip to Hvar island during off season. That quickly turned out to be trickier than anticipated and I managed to get stranded nearly three times, so I wrote […]


That Time I Almost Got Stranded on an Island in Croatia

That Time I Almost Got Stranded on an Island

“Wait, you’re saying that we’ll arrive half an hour after the last bus has left? How am I supposed to get to the other side of the island?” I was dumbfounded. She just shrug her head. Too bad that I was on a boat and couldn’t just go back. That’s what you call screwed. Was […]