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You Haven’t Been to the Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani? – Rethink Your Bucketlist

If you Haven’t Been to the Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani? – Rethink Your Bucketlist

Flying in from Chiang Mai especially to see the famous red lotus lake near Udon Thani for only a day, might seem crazy but it was so worth it! If you happen to be in the country between mid January and mid February, check out the red lotus flower for an otherworldly red lots flower […]


Road Trip Day 5 – Wood Gatherers and Salt Lake

The sun was blazing down hot and merciless on our hatless sweating bodies that were neither in the least ready nor prepared for this drastic change in temperature that was kicked up a notch after we had crossed the state line from Southern Australia to Northern Territory. Just a sign inbetween, and it seemed to […]


What to Visit in Taupo

Taupo is a picturesque town situated by the lake of the same name, which s Maori for ‘cloak’. It was given to this place when a mighty chief discovered the lake and mountains for the first time and was instantly reminded of the cloak he wore.


Wanderings in Wanaka

I always thought that symbolist paintings of landscapes were a tad over the top unreal, which was, of course, partly what they intended as opposed to, say, naturalists. Especially the rugged mountains in stark blue and green tones seemed extreme. Having been to Wanaka, I can now safely say, that symbolist paintings are quite realistic, […]