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Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling Is This

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling. Read this if you don't want to be eaten by a crocodile. Snap!

No fuzzy feelings today, let’s get down to the dark and dirty of travel. A British woman in Australia was eaten alive by a crocodile in Australia while talking a tranquil stroll by the beach with her bestie. It’s sad, it’s tragic, I am shocked. But not the way you think.


#TravelBrainster Maria – How Paris Was an Eye Opener

This is Maria, our latest travel brainster and a travel blogger from Bulgaria. She discovered her passion to travel pretty late in life, just two years ago. But once it kicks in, it never stops. Ever since her first trip abroad in 2013, she’s become more and more curious about the world. Now, she loves […]


The Tim Tam Slam

There are so many things that are associated with Australia foodwise, like the infamous vegemite and exotic meats of the likes of kangaroo or crocodile. But the ultimate must try and must try properly food are Tim Tams. There are not just sandwich chocolate cookies and do not compare them to the American orios. They […]