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Penguins, Koalas and Coastlines – Travelling Phillip Island with Go West Tours // Sponsored

A cute koala on Phillip Island on my Tour with Go West (sponsored review)

Kicking off our Phillip Island day, our Go West Tour bus escaped the cloud front that wrapped up Melbourne and headed east to the picturesque holiday spot Phillip Island. The target of the day was to taste the delicious produce the island has to offer, gaze over the amazing coastline and see lots of native […]


A Hostel with a View – Base Magnetic Island

Party Level I don’t particularly have a warm spot in my heart for X Base Hostels. They are alright, but lack in charm and lots of the hostel guests are just messy and loud party people as far as my experience goes. So it was nice to see that it did confirm my expectations yet […]


Mountain Climbing and Island Hopping

Having shaken off the jetlag, I made my way around Auckland some more and went up Mt Eden, which is completely made up of volcanic stone and offers a spectacular view over Auckland. You can see far and wide and have the breeze brush your face and listen to the leaves rustle on the tropical […]