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Japanese Food to Avoid – Yes, It Exists!

Ok, true. Japan is a paradise for foodies. So many yummy meals, quirky creations and just general tastefulness but even Japan has some food experiments that just backfired. Not all things suit all tastes but these ones might proof particularly tricky for Western palates. You can try them but why break your lucky chain of […]


Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul – How to Find It?

Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul - How to Find It?

Call me a weakling, or to be more precise, my tastebuds. They are not the strongest when it comes to anything with a hint of spiciness. Even pepper. Not a big fan of that. And yet I call myself a foodie; well I am a picky foodie. That, however, didn’t make it any easier to […]


Discovering The Past in Today’s Food in Sicily

It’s story telling time! Whenever I am on the road, travelling to foreign places, gaining new cultural experiences and tasting different dishes, I also like to pick up some anecdotes and random facts here and there. So, today I will rack my brains remembering knowledge snippets from my trip to Sicily – and most gladly […]


Up in the Clouds with Jumptours

This post was sponsored. It was nice to sleep in for a change. Look how far I’ve come when I, a die hard long sleeper, think it is sleeping in to awake at 8 am. Formerly that would have been correct at 10am. But there you go. Travel changes everything.