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The time I got robbed in a hostel & how to be smarter

The time I got robbed in a hostel and ended up in court

This wasn’t the first time I got robbed in a hostel. But hopefully it will be the last. At first I thought someone had played a cruel prank on me. All my stuff was gone. Got no time to read? Tweet it for later, pin it or watch the short video below.


How Your Bad Hostel Nightmares Become Real + Free Guide

I was ready. Or so I thought. I had made an unrepresentative survey among friends who had travelled a lot and had been staying in hostels before. Ok, my quota was one. To say that it had been an unpleasant stay would be a crass understatement. My bad hostel nightmares had only begun.


Travel Apps I Actually Use – And My Honest Opinion of Them

There are so many apps out ther that people recommend for travellers. Heck, there are dozens of “Top Ten Apps…” articles out there. But many of them feature services I know but would usually just use through my laptop. Also, if you are at all like me, chances are your phone has had an overkill […]


Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul – Is@k’s Traveler’s Lounge // Sponsored

Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul - Is@k's Traveler's Lounge // Sponsored

I changed hostels quite a bit while I stayed in Seoul for three weeks and one hostel I really liked. So I asked if I could feature it on the blog in exchange for a few night’s stay. After all, I met the most amazing people and those have come back again and again, staying […]