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The Quirkiest Attractions Along Stuart Highway

It’s Foto Friday again and this time around I want to show you some pretty quirky places in the Northern Territory. The drive up the super straight Stuart Highway might be a tad boring. You know, same old landscape, unchanging scenery, all of that. But you need to stop every now and then for rest, […]


Master Your Australian Road Trip with these Simple Unspoken Rules

Hitting the Road in Australia? Brush up on Your Road Etiquette!

Are you planning an Australian road trip? Australia basically screams for long drives and road trips. But even so, it’s not as easy as pie in such a vast and dangerous country as Australia. While keeping in mind the essentials, such as having enough fuel, supplies and staying on the roads, there is a little […]


Road Trip Day 11 – Stuart Highway Continued

Have you ever had breakfast on a veranda with a panoramic view of bands of red and yellow slowly tinting the transition between still dark countryside and ink blue night sky with glistening stars overhead? Or have a tree full of parrots come to live and like an orchestra practice a few notes before bursting […]