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Easy Tips on How to Travel with Wigs

I wonder why not more people travel with wigs. It’s ingenious! You can easily change your hair style depending on your mood or outfit (or the colours of your destination), you can cover up bad hair days (or no hair days) and don’t have to style your hair for epic holiday photos. So if you […]


Growing out My Blogger Roots – Literally

I hope you haven’t paid too close attention to my hair. I mean, when I show myself in my travel photos it is usually in front of amazing landscapes, silly areas or just as a prop to compare the unimportance of man in contrast to nature (C.D. Friedrich, anyone?). My hair is certainly of no […]


MSFW: The Lucky One

A rainy day greeted me on my fourth day of Fashion Week, but, of course, did not deter me in any way of searching out the local fashion displays and events. Armed with my silly, unfashionable rain cape, I easily dodged my way through fashionistas’ struggling umbrellas and into the hub for an insight into […]