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Healthy Eating Habits for Your Travels You Haven’t Thought About

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Travels You Haven't Thought About

I am always hungry. Tell me I am not alone. Funnily enough, the more I travel and actively explore new sites throughout the day, the more I forget to eat. Oh, and I rarely have healthy eating habits. You can blame it on the jetlag messing up my inner clock or on my cheapskate travel […]


How German Are You? Take the Test

I have gotten a lot of questions about how Germany is like. But I wonder, do you also want to know how Germans are like? I have already written a post about Japanese habits and now I want to challenge you to a quiz. Let’s find out how German you are!


You Know You’ve Been in Japan Too Long When…

How Japanese are you? Tick off the numbers. You bow to the bus driver. You have your daily naps on public transport. You never check your change. It is always correct. You believe that pickpockets and thieves do not exist in your country. You have a set of allergy masks ready for pollution, pollination and […]