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Art by the beach – Peek into the life of a Brighton Artist

Brighton's famous colourful beach huts along the oceanshore

What better office could there be than by the beach? We travel bloggers are often pictured to sip cocktails on hammocks in the shade of palm trees. But that is far from the #hustlerlife that it takes to keep the business that spans a blog, social channels and clients afloat. Now, however, I seem to […]


Why You Will Love Australia’s Byron Bay Surf Festival

Could I have landed in an alternate universe where everyone is happy, super chill and insanely stylish? I prolonged my stay in the Surfer’s hot spot Byron Bay to attend the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival and get a firsthand insight into surfing culture. Since my attempt at standing on a board on temperamental waters […]


Grooving Around the Graves on Halloween

Boo! A very happy – or creepy ? – Halloween to you! Today is the 31st and that means that all the creatures from the netherworld are out and about, roaming the earth, doing more mischief than normal and are just generally having a good time. Did you that the original fest is of Celtic […]