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Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over // Sponsored

Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over

Confession time: I love unhealthy food. Well, maybe this isn’t such a big confession but after my year of travelling I seriously craved the big savoury German cuisine and dug right in into potato dumplings, lots of gravy and big meat dishes. Since I had been invited to the Czech Republic by Czech Tourism and […]


#TravelBrainster – 60 Dumplings and a Phone Fire

Today is a very special day in the #travelbrainster series as we have a travelling couple telling us about their amazing journey, dumpling scams, a dramatic rescue and how to never be alone when you travel. These are some helpful tips from two fellow bloggers, so make sure to take notes.


Foods You’ll Miss Once You Leave Germany

Even though I don’t get homesick – the travel bug is way too strong – I do get a pang of missing my favoutire foods every now and then. It might be a whiff of sausages while walking past a restaurant or bread on the supermarket shelf, but reaching out and buying said products is […]


Recipe Corner: Dongzhi Tang Yuan

Did you know that the most important celebration in winter for Chinese people is the Winter Solstice, the Dongzhi Festival? I definitely didn’t and was utterly surprised when my Taiwanese housemate presented me with a traditional dish eaten as part of the celebration. Not one reluctant to share, I want to tell you all about […]