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Seeing Washington on a Budget and in 1 Day // Sponsored

Seeing Washington on a Bugdet and in 1 Day

Updated Nov 2017. I had actually gone and done it. I had lost my bus ticket. How was I now to get my weary feet from the endless rows of museums in the capital’s heart to those piercing eyes enthroned high on a marble chair, scanning the tiny crowd coming to remember his legacy to […]


How to Make the Most out of Your Stay in New York City on a Budget | Sponsored

This post contains affiliate links. Yellow cabs dotting the traffic down below in-between red and white lights that become a big blur when you squeeze your eyes just a little and lift them towards the horizon for the real Big Apple scene and its iconic skyscrapers of lower Manhattan and Lady Liberty standing proudly in […]


Awesome Places In South Sweden

What do you do after having worked for 6 months in an internship and having 2 more weeks to spend freely before heading back home? Explore!!! And that’s what I did en masse. You can’t believe the lovely summer days I spent in Sweden’s southernmost province, Scania, exploring its many castles, parks and monastries. And […]


Colour me Artsy – Graffiti in Melbourne

Anyone know what Melbourne is famous for? Being awarded the title “most liveable city “? Yes. The most European flair in Australia? Also yes. An eclectic cityscape that merges old with new architecture? Yes again. But apart from all that? What is one of the most visited part in the capital of Victoria? Let me […]