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Fun Facts about My 6 Favourite Cemeteries so far

Have you ever come across a cemetery and were completely enchanted? Granted, you should not be afraid or frown upon these places of immortalised memories, but I have a particular appreciation for them. If there is a cemetery nearby, you can be sure that I have visited it and taken lots of photos of stones […]


Melbourne’s Eclectic Architecture Should Be a Reason to Visit – A Photo Diary

Wherever you stand in Melbourne, there is no denying that it is a multifaceted city and that Melbourne’s eclectic architecture is utterly unique. Not only does it host about 140 cultures from all over the world, but its architectural style is just as diverse. Words that come to mind are amalgamation, mix, eclecticism and vibrant. […]


How to not Do Sightseeing in Melbourne

My first day in Melbourne was really interesting. To be honest, I didn’t get to see anything much but it still made for experiences to tell about. After a 45min train ride all the way from distant Bundoora to the city centre, I was dropped off at the Parliament with no clue where to go. […]