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How to Get Through the Airport when You’re Late

How to get through airports

It was 30 minutes to my flight departure and it took me 2 hours to finally receive my boarding ticket, after having all documents and printouts I had on me scanned and assessed by the slowest airline staff in the universe, and now the luggage guy who sat right next to the whole scenario of […]


How to Keep Your Sanity over Lost Luggage

Knock on wood but I’ve never had to deal with lost luggage in all my travels. Sure, someone “borrowed” 50 dollars straight out of my backpack, one airport wanted to keep the only umbrella that is able to survive the British weather from me and another took down my luggage from the conveyor belt and […]


The Top 5 Cities from where to Explore Europe

This one goes out to all those travellers that prefer to have a base or are thinking of settling in one location in Europe but always have the optional of being able to just up and go for a weekend when an unbeatable last minute deal comes along. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t wan […]


A Story about Failed Safety and what to Do Better

My days have been packed with adventures and overwhelming impressions since I left Australia but before I head straight into my adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, I have to tell the embarrassing story of how I made it here. Because, let’s face it, that is an achievement in itself. Especially after all […]