Something Wicked This Way Comes

And with wicked I mean awesome – we’re talking 21th century wicked! You surely have noticed the new look of Travel on the Brain and with it comes a lot more change than visible at first glance.


Best Newsletter Yet with Lots of Extras!

I have introduced a whole new newsletter with lots of extras, such as a handy overview as opposed to sending through just new posts. But wait, there’s more. Each newsletter will now include a little happiness boost as part of my new Cheesecake Sessions (get your slice of happiness!) as well as – here it comes – an exclusive series on how to rock social media like a boss! So if you want to know the ins and outs of twitter, facebook & co., be sure to sign up! There is something to learn for complete newbies as well as a couple of tricks for established users. And I will send some freebies your way every now and then.


Hold Onto Your Seats because the Ride Isn’t Over!

Are you ready for my big announcement? Now that I have travelled around the eastern pats of the world, I will head over to the other side and land in the USA in October. Be sure to expect lots of road tripping, crazy places and foodie treats… as well as a big nerd extra. Travel on the Brain is going to NY Comic Con and TBEX Florida! There is so much more in the works and to be the first to know, sign up to my new newsletter. Now. I can’t say it enough, am so proud of it!


Paint it New – Pretty in Black and White

The bright colours are gone from my page but the extras are coming in. Did you see my new wallpaper collection? It’s free! And did you see my vouchers for you? Free as well. I am working on bringing travel closer to you and to make it as easy as possible. I have made an extra page as an overview for newbies to our little travel community and created a facebook group for all you lovely people who want to talk all things travel and/or blogging. Make sure you stop by and talk and ask questions about whatever.

If you like the new look, be sure to tell me and bring a smile to my face. If you have suggestions or are missing features, the comment box is all yours. Or you could just say hello. I always ‘hello’ back.


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    • Ceece'sTaxi
    • 03/07/2015

    I am LOVING your new look and layout! So excited to see all the exciting stuff you’ve talked about and def get some tips on Travelling to the other end of the world. Although we didnt meet, missing you in SA already :-)

    1. Reply

      Hi Ceece, thank you so much! It cost me a lot of nerves and sleep to get it where it is now. Still a lot to do but I am happy you like it already. :D
      Ah, I am so sad we didn’t get to mee. Maybe some other place? OR some other day. I definitely have to come back to SA in summer.

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