Rocking Social Media Like a Boss

Hi there, my internet friends! I have now been a heavy blogger for about a year and have learned a lot during that time. There have been many ups and downs and if I have learned one thing it’s that nobody should ever underestimate the power of social media. A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of having already 10K members of my little travel community. Since I am so happy, I want to share my little secrets with you.

You come her for my travel stories and not everyone is interested in the behind the scenes social media work that I doing to stay connected with you (and that’s totally ok!). Therefore, I have made this series on how to rock social media like a boss exclusive to those who want to follow all the way along the journey. Every subscriber to my newsletter will get a top secret password to excess new weekly content in the series.

After the course is through, it will be available in ebook format as a handy one-stop version. Learning about one platform one week at a time ensures that you can practice the new information and send me your question before we advance further. But don’t worry, you can come back any time you want with the password and I am always there for you if you have questions or feedback.

Without much further ado, here is the exclusive schedule. Did I mention it’s completely free? What are you waiting for, join the fun and become a social media guru!

13/07 Why do we need social media?
20/07  Instagram Pt. 1
27/07  Instagram Pt. 2
03/08  Facebook
10/08  Twitter
17/08  Pinterest
24/08  Snapchat
31/08 Youtube
07/09 Tumblr
14/09 Scheduling & Timing
21/09 Summary

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