Hostel Review – Is@k’s Traveler’s Lounge in Seoul


With being right in the middle of Itaewon, you can’t go wrong. Think the vivid nightlife of Hongdae and add classiness and high-end shops mixed with vintage finds and foodie alleys and you get Itaewon. Sure, this comes with a price but the hostel is not an expensive one and the next metro station is just a 5 minute walk away. Also, you can walk up to the Namsan tower from here, which is a must see place for Seoul visits. In short, you’ll find yourself in an excellent location.

Party Level

Again none at all. (I’m having a lucky streak!) However, that being said, you should know that the TV is running constantly and you will get your obligatory fix of Korean TV and music, which can prove distracting when you actually want to work on your laptop.

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There is a TV with Korean and an American channel as well as some DVDs. Your get your own towel and the hair-dryer is free to use as is the all-day breakfast that is waiting on the counter, including toast with butter and jam, biscuits, instant coffee and Korean tea. There is a shelf full of brochures and the staff can provide local insights. The laundry machine and integrated dryer can be used for 5,000 WON each, but you have to notify the staff first. There are clothes lines on the rooftop, which is also a good place for seeing the city skyline and have a smoke.


Everything was clean with the occasional bread crumbs on tables here an there, but the bathroom is in good shape. Also, as is the Korean way, you have to take off your shoes and wear the slippers provided. There are enough, don’t worry and you can place your own shoes in the big shelf provided.


Each bed has access to its own locker. To get inside the hostel there are two digital locks for which each guest gets the password. Super secure.

Customer Service

Staff are always friendly and ready to help. The reception is closed over night but guests are given a special number for emergencies.


This is a good and relatively cheap hostel to explore Korea from. The district itself has a lot to offer and it is easy to get to other hotspots. Everyone staying here had a good time and it evoked a very comfortable atmosphere.


IS@K Traveler’s Lounge
6683-134 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-749-3003

Disclaimer: This post came to be through a four nights stay at and sponsored by IS@K Traveler’s Lounge.

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