How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored

It has been a while since my last fashion post and this time I have a very special treat for you. I got to try out several hanbok and strutted my stuff like a true Queen on the streets of Seoul, choosing historic palaces as my scene. Nothing less to be expected wearing such garments. And guess what, I was the centre of attention, which I don’t actually like. But when I was called a queen, it made sense that flocks of excited school girls asked for group photos and passersby on the street yelled ‘beautiful’ at me. A flashy hanbok draws a lot of attention, I can tell you. So if you ever feel down or ugly, I suggest you try it on while in Seoul. It will work wonders!

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Be Aware of What Korean Hanbok You Pick

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // SponsoredIt all began in an underground shopping centre in Dongdaemun, where I got to try out a bunch of Korean hanboks. I decided on a simple red and white number but the owner quickly suggested I should be more daring. And daring I was with a gold-threaded bright green and red robe that I basically carried around, holding up the seams. It made me feel like a princess. Only later would someone tell me that the kind of traditional clothing I opted for actualy resembled royal traditional Korean fashion.

I had no idea of the effect my Korean fashion style would have when I was walking Seoul’s streets and people started clapping. I am not kidding, people actually stopped doing what they were doing, stared at my Korean hanbok and started whistling, clapping and telling me how pretty I was – both in Korean and English. At first, I thought people were just nice to the obvious tourist but then it got weirder.

After I taken advantage of the fact that entrance to temples and palaces is free with a hanbok, I stopped the crowds. Korean school kids would run up to me to ask me for a photo. Again, I am not kidding. I felt rather odd and admit I was cglancing more often than not over my shoulder, trying to spot a hidden camera. All of it felt surreal and just because I was wearing a Korean hanbok, the typical traditional clothing, or so I thought.

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored

Double the Trouble in Korean Hanbok

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // SponsoredIf you are truly in love being the centre of attention, I highly recommend bringing a friend with you to try a Korean hanbok on as well. It was early afternoon and I was already so over being clapped at because of my Koran clothing, and so switched into a less flashy choice. Again, opting for pink might not have been the best choice. My friend wore a matching outfit – coincidentally, I might add – and we started walking together.

Of course, by now you are much smarter than I was and are probably not surprised to hear that the clapping and complimenting did not lessen. In fact, it only got amplified. I really should make smarter clothing choices when it comes to Korean fashion I can’t handle the consequences. But regardless of all of the awkwardness that ensued, we had a blast. It was fun to stride around Seoul in such a pretty dress. I absolutely adore Korean hanboks. I think they are utterly stylish and suit everyone.

You first put on a rather big dress and then choose a jacket to go with it – it can match or be a different colour. Generally the jacket will have a half ribbon (I made up this term) and does match the underskirt. Then you can add a headband and matching purse to your Korean hanbok. Well, that is for females – obviously I didn’t try on male Korean clothing. Maybe next time. Or maybe not.

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored

Now over to you: have you ever been to Korea and tried on a hanbok? I really recommend it because it is very flattering in so many ways and so much fun. It definitely is a confidence booster. Give it a try – it might help to know that it is mcuh cheaper than Japanese kimono, I found. And I think I might prefer Korean traditional clothing over a Japanese kimono. But don’t make me decide (I am mighty bad at decision making).

Korean hanbok and accessories were provided free of charge for this post by Oneday Hanbok.

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored


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How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // SponsoredHow to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen // Sponsored

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