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Art by the beach – Peek into the life of a Brighton Artist

Brighton's famous colourful beach huts along the oceanshore

What better office could there be than by the beach? We travel bloggers are often pictured to sip cocktails on hammocks in the shade of palm trees. But that is far from the #hustlerlife that it takes to keep the business that spans a blog, social channels and clients afloat. Now, however, I seem to […]

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The time I got robbed in a hostel & how to be smarter

The time I got robbed in a hostel and ended up in court

This wasn’t the first time I got robbed in a hostel. But hopefully it will be the last. At first I thought someone had played a cruel prank on me. All my stuff was gone. Got no time to read? Tweet it for later, pin it or watch the short video below.

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How to DIY Your Travel Memories into Travel Souvenirs

How to DIY Memories into Travel Souvenirs

I don’t know about you but when I travel I like to bring home travel souvenirs to help me relive the memories. But key chains and magnets are just not doing it for me. I know there are a lot of country-specific things you could buy as an alternative. And those are great. It’s just […]

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Why You Need a Digital Detox This Instant

Why You Need a Digital Detox This Instant

Do you need a digital detox when you are working from places all over the world? Travelling all the time is the dream, right? Well, not so much. As soon as it becomes your job, it also becomes work, it is repetitive, you have to organise and plan it, work with clients, juggle full schedules, […]