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Recipe Corner: Kladkaka

Hejsan! Greetings from Sweden (well, I am not actually in Sweden, but you get the point). Today I will share with you the recipe for the oh-so-chocolaty and bestest cake. It is, hyou ave guessed right, from Sweden. So here we go.

New Zealand

Creeping around Christchurch

Before I start, let me just say I had only one hour to do all my bookings for the South Island. And because of that I didn’t realize that I would literally just stay in Christchurch for the night. When I arrived, it was already 7pm and I was leaving at 8am when the sun […]

New Zealand

Watching in Kaikoura

While I am typing this in the living room of the YHA, I can see the ocean brushing against the shore, trying to climb onto the road, falling and falling back, while the imperial mountains with their white cloaks on the far silently watch the scene and probably little old me, too. Out of principle […]

Destination Dos Hiking New Zealand Oceania

Blenheim the Boring

When I was writing about the dullness of Hamilton, I hadn’t been to Blenheim. On a scale from boring to attractive, Blenheim would be super boring. There are tons of signs telling you about its diverse history. That’s fine if you are a history nerd or student trying to prepare for a local town tale […]