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Australia Journey Journal Oceania Road Trip

Road Trip Day 10 – Dealing with the Devils Marbles

After hours driving along Stuart Highway and stopping at quirky roadhouses, we reached our target destination: the Devils Marbles or Karlu Karlu. They are all over the countryside. I anticipated a single patch of a handful of huge round boulders piled on top of another, looking stunning. What we got instead was the whole area […]

Australia Journey Journal Oceania Road Trip

Road Trip Day 10 – Racing along Stuart Highway

Yet again we crossed a border and suddenly left the temperate climate behind. Entering the tropical climate took just one step. Man, it was hot all of a sudden. No, just kidding, it was freezing. On our first stop after leaving Alice Springs we saw the marking of the Tropic of Capricorn, a tower statue […]

Journey Journal

Silly Travel Anecdote – Tasty Cheesy

Finally a rest in a normal bed, away from sand and annoying insects. No more wallabies to make rustling noises, no more bright moon to light up the night. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing, Outback camping does mess with your perceptions of comfort. It was a hostel after all and […]

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Road Trip Day 9 – Alice Springs

Between my tours I had a day off at desert town Alice Springs (which is yet again not really in a desert since there is water underground) and I made a little walking tour of it with two of my tour co-tourists. Along the dried up riverbeds we walked wondering how on earth boat races […]