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The Tim Tam Slam

There are so many things that are associated with Australia foodwise, like the infamous vegemite and exotic meats of the likes of kangaroo or crocodile. But the ultimate must try and must try properly food are Tim Tams. There are not just sandwich chocolate cookies and do not compare them to the American orios. They […]


Spotting Australian Wilderness in Suburbia

I was sitting in my temporary room in Bundoora, minding my website and being jealous of the sunshine, when I decided to have a piece of it, put on my coat, grabbed my camera and off I went to explore. Only, where does one go when stuck in suburbia? I was recommended the nearby park. […]

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How to not Do Sightseeing in Melbourne

My first day in Melbourne was really interesting. To be honest, I didn’t get to see anything much but it still made for experiences to tell about. After a 45min train ride all the way from distant Bundoora to the city centre, I was dropped off at the Parliament with no clue where to go. […]

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The Top 15 Places to See When You Visit Hong Kong

The Top 15 Places to See When You Visit Hong Kong

When you visit Hong Kong you quickly realise it has it all. Mountains, beaches, city life, fashion sense and great food. Sure, life is at a fast pace but hurrying along sky bridges in style and seeing the illuminated harbour at night, what is there to complain?